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About Us

Josh Graff, Owner and Lead Dyer

My name is Joshua Graff and I am the Owner and Lead Dyer behind Red Stag Fibre.  My Yarn is unique in that the focus is Hand Dyed tonals,  which are great for colorwork and garments, and appeals to both male and female crafters with the deep and rich palette I have created. My inspiration for dyeing comes from travels to Europe with my beautiful wife Sharon. History of the 17-19th century is fascinating and I love learning about and visiting the towns, castles, and museums of Europe. 

Up until a few years ago, I had not tapped into my creative side for much, until my wife opened up a yarn shop!  After several months of helping her in the shop and all the customers asking if I knit, I decided that one way I could better connect with her would be to hand dye yarn.Growing up my grandmother helped me learn to paint which helped me with color appreciation and blending which helps me with my dye process. Once I launched Red Stag in July 2018 the yarn was a quick hit at Sharon’s Shop (The Modern Skein) and pretty soon my yarn was being mailed all over. I decided that instead of this just being a little hobby, I would pursue this full time and in the past year the business has exploded!  I do plan on trying my hand at knitting one day when I have some free time…    :) 

Red Stag Fibre is based out of Conroe, TX and just recently expanded into our new Dye Studio.